4 Giveaways of a Poorly Managed Strata Property

admin |  Posted on Friday, June 1st, 2018

Owning and renting in Sydney is expensive. It’s therefore no surprise that occupants expect high standards from their Strata Management in return for their hard-earned cash.

A poorly managed property can cause a range of issues that ultimately cost owners money and unnecessary hassle.


What are the telltale signs that your strata property is poorly managed?


1) Frustrated Tenants

Frustrated tenants are a sign of poor service and communication from Strata Management.

Your tenants are your eyes and ears and have the most up to date information about the state of the building. If they are frustrated enough to contact you about the upkeep of common areas, there’s probably a good reason why.


2) Poor Maintenance

Maintenance is separated into two categories: scheduled and reactive.

Scheduled maintenance covers all things that strata should know about ahead of time. These should happen at regular, varying intervals depending on the task. Timely maintenance is an indicator that your strata management are proactive, organised and aware of the building’s ongoing requirements.

Reactive maintenance is usually repairing damaged or broken elements. Slow responses (or none at all) to requests for reactive maintenance is a sign of disorganisation and ineffective communication.

Delays to any type of maintenance around the building indicates a lack of care from your strata management. It can also lead to bigger and more costly damages further down the track.


3) High Levies

Strata Levies are payments made by the owners of each unit towards the building’s upkeep. These levies should be agreed as part of the budget at the Annual General Meeting.  

If your levies suddenly rise, there may be an issue. The budget should be transparent and agreed ahead of time. Increases in costs could be a sign that things are not being actioned efficiently or cost-effectively.


4) Radio Silence

If a tenant or owner is having difficulty reaching their Strata Manager, it’s an obvious sign that the property is not their priority. Having to call someone twelve times before they get back to you does not bode well for potential emergencies either.


How do I avoid a bad Strata Manager?

If you are already committed to a bad Strata Manager, it’s easier to move to another provider than you might think.

For advice on effective Strata Management, Contact Real Property Services today.

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