I Haven’t Received a Levy Notice – Do I Need to Pay?

admin |  Posted on Friday, November 10th, 2017

The levies you and other owners pay to your owners corporation are used to maintain and improve your shared property. So what if you haven’t received your latest levy notice – does this get you out of paying your strata levies?

It might be tempting to ignore the payment date as it comes and goes if you don’t receive a notice to pay, but unfortunately a missing envelope won’t get you out of your obligations.

How do I know what my levies are?

You should get plenty of notice of your levies ahead of time. Your fees will be discussed, calculated and decided upon by your owners corporation at your Annual General Meeting each year, so you will be able to have your say. If you can’t make the meeting these details are also included in the minutes that are required to be distributed to owners. If you’re new to the strata, you may have also seen these figures in the Section 184 Certificate documentation prior to purchase.

When should levy notices be sent?

Levy notices should be sent around three weeks prior to the due date to give you time to make the payment. Owners are obligated under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 to pay their levies in accordance with their lot entitlement, whether or not they received their notice.

What happens if I’ve missed a payment?

If you feel like you haven’t paid any fees in a while, it’s important to get in touch with your strata committee or strata manager. Unpaid levies can attract interest at the simple rate of 10% per year if not paid within one month of the due date, and owners who haven’t paid will not be able to vote at General Meetings. In other words, it’s in your interests to pay!

How do I make sure I receive my notices on time?

First, make sure your address is up to date on the strata roll so you are receiving all communications to do with your strata scheme. The strata manager will send minutes and notices out to the address you provided them when you purchased, or an alternate address, including an email if that is what you have requested. One way to ensure proof of receipt from both sides may be to request your levy notices via email. If you regularly receive notices late or don’t receive them at all, it may be time to change strata managers

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