What Makes an Effective Strata Manager?

admin |  Posted on Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Feeling frustrated with a strata manager that is unresponsive, inaccessible or apathetic? It’s time to make a change to your strata management so it makes life easier, not harder. Here’s what to look for when searching for your next strata manager.

Can you find the contact details of your strata manager easily? What about forms to apply for keeping pets, renovating or appointing a proxy? The best strata manager is one who is easy to get in touch with and provides the resources to make your life easier. If they don’t answer or return your call when you want to ask about engaging them as a strata manager, cross them off your list!

Evidence of local experience

A local strata manager not only understands the strata regulations for NSW , but they’ll also understand the implications of any relevant local council regulations and shared agreements for parking management. The last thing you need is for some outsider cruising in occasionally to take care of your general meetings, so listen out for word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials of those who live in areas nearby.

Attention to detail

You’ll want to be confident that your shared insurance policies are up-to-date and inclusive of all that needs to be covered. It’s also important to know that your strata common property is being maintained and updated as needed, to avoid costly major works later down the path. Effective strata managers will know what needs to be included and addressed, because they pay attention where it counts.

An understanding of your situation

If you’re planning to kick an old strata manager to the curb after inadequate management, then you’ll want to be working with a new strata manager who understands how frustrating these experiences can be for those in the owners corporation. An empathetic strata manager will treat your strata scheme like their own and be responsive when it comes to questions and requests.

Great people skills

Strata managers often play the role of mediator in common strata disputes, and they should be able to resolve most problems before they escalate to greater conflict. You’ll want to work with someone who can talk to a wide range of people and has an in-depth understanding of everyday strata complaints so issues can be addressed in a timely manner.

If you are thinking of changing strata management, speak to Real Property Services today about how simple the process can be.

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