Questions to Ask Before Renewing Your Strata Management Contract

admin |  Posted on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

There’s no denying that a Strata Manager’s job is not easy. With several units, owners and tenants to deal with, a strata management team needs to be organised, effective, economical and available at all times.

A lot of the time, the strata team may have been managing the building long before some of the owners purchased their units and their services are therefore seen as a fixed part of the building. This however is not the case. Like all other providers, their services are subject to a contract which can be renewed or expired after a certain period passes.


What should you consider before renewing your strata management contract?


Are You Happy?

There are many tell-tale signs of a poorly managed strata property and the easiest one to spot is whether or not you and/or your tenants are happy with the service you’re receiving.

Does your strata manager respond to your requests in a timely and helpful manner? Of course, some requests may take longer to action than others depending on the work involved but a good strata manager will communicate respectfully and efficiently with all involved parties so that you are aware of what is happening in your building at any given time.

If your strata manager is rude, unresponsive or unhelpful, they are not the right person for the job.


Is Your Building Well-Maintained?

Are there any hazards or broken elements in the building that have been left untreated? Is the building or parts of it looking run-down? Whether or not your building is well maintained is a clear sign of your strata manager’s organisational skills.

Some maintenance issues cannot be pre-empted but many can and should be avoided. Your strata manager should be forward planning and scheduling maintenance ahead of time to avoid hazards and unpleasant living situations.


Are You Paying Too Many Levies?

A good strata manager will adequately manage their budget and you therefore shouldn’t have to pay any additional or surprise levies. If you’re constantly having to shell out more cash for unforeseen costs, your management team is not doing a good enough job and you should consider switching providers.


What Is The Proposed Contract Length?

According to NSW legislation, strata management contracts cannot last longer than three years without a renewal process or tender submission. It is illegal for your strata managers to ask you to sign a contract that is longer than three years. It is also an indicator that they use lengthy contracts to keep their clients rather than good service.


Are You Repeatedly Seeing Bad Tradespeople?

It is now illegal for strata managers to receive commission from tradespeople for enlisting their services. If you’re seeing the same tradespeople returning time and time again after doing a shoddy job, this may be an indicator that your strata managers are up to no good.


Frustrated With Your Strata Manager?

If you’re not happy with your current strata management team, contact us today for information on how we can help. Switch over to a different provider is easier than you think.

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